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MetaJuana Cannabis Society rebranded into a “brand Ambassador” for companies in web2, web3 and the real world! 

NFT Project or something more?

MetaJuana is a BRAND AMBASSADOR for deVega, llc, which operates a vending buisness in the federally legal CBD business located within Texas fighting soldiers posts, throughout Texas. 

MetaJuana was the “bridge” to get NFT’s and real world assets! A huge vision that started as an NFT project now is becoming reality. 

Many things happened in the way and now a huge step has been made into the marriage of real-world assets being coupled with true passive income, residual income or mailbox money.

Upcoming NFT Collection

Our upcoming NFT collection will be the final preparation step in our overal vision.



Mint Date:

January 19th

Mint Price:

In Waves

Every current holder will be able to mint an NFT for free for each current metajuana NFT they hold in their wallet. You will have until all 10,000 are sold out to mint them for free. We will be releasing the 10,000 in waves. Each wave, the price will increase based on the current status of the store. We are working with this model so that we can prove the value of our NFTs first to our holders. 

As you know, the holders of the farmers will receive profits of the online store starting on day one. We will use 100% of the first round of funds to go right back into advertising and promotion and legalities for the online store. This will bring in more business and in turn put more money in our holders pockets. As the store grows and more profits are coming in, the price of the NFTs will increase to reflect that until sold out. We believe in a prove it first method that will also reward those who believe in us. 

As we continue to build MCS in the background, we all are aware of the current market conditions. These are being heavily watched by 2 great members of our team. Any updates regarding mint dates/ price are TBA as we carefully watch the market and determine whats best for us as a community.






Curly Sheep



Project Manager

Frank Banks

Project Manager


Artist | Web Designer

Our CBD store is live!

MetaJuana’s Official E-commerce store is now live and brings a wide variety of high quality CBD products. Gummies, Edibles, Tinctures, Topicals, Flowers, Concentrates etc.