Delta 8 Tincture – Natural (600mg | 1200mg)


There’s no mistaking the taste of cannabis (hemp). It’s distinct. It’s piney. It’s botanical. And most importantly, it sparks happiness. Take under the tongue or use as a flexible culinary additive.

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The taste of plant-based joy.

In this tincture is a mellow conglomerate of fragrant pine with peppery notes and mild earthy undertones. Or, simply put, the flavor of cannabis. The taste of good times. And to deliver this renowned profile? We used MCT oil from organically grown coconuts to preserve flavor with an ideal viscosity.

Sublingual? Your new favorite ingredient? The choice is yours.

For a faster onset of effects with the delightful taste of hemp, you can take this tincture sublingually (a fancy way of saying “drip it under the tongue”).

Plus, its oily flavor offers great flexibility. Mix into a salad dressing, top off some movie night popcorn, or place a few drops into a cup of Joe. The options are (nearly) endless.

The bliss of Delta-8 in 600mg or 1,200mg concentrations.

For many, Delta-8 has delivered tranquility, bouts of wonder, a touch of relief, and just great times. But remember, cannabinoids affect us all differently.

We offer our Natural Flavored Tincture in a variety of tinctures for various preferences. Plus, the dropper is marked .25ml increments for easy measurement.

Product Details

Included / Specs
  • 1x 30ml Natural Flavor Delta-8 Tincture
  • 600mg Delta-8 option, 20mg per ml
  • 1,200mg Delta-8 option, 40mg per ml
  • MCT coconut oil (carrier)
  • Vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free



600mg, 1200mg


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